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Jan 3Fall Into The New Year
Jan 10Bar Talk
Jan 12Secretsssss
Jan 17Linguistics
Jan 19Performance Art
Jan 31Remember
Feb 2The Rundown
Feb 7Great Night Out
Feb 14It’s Like Raaaaiiiin
Feb 21Lin Pun
Feb 23How Much Is That Doggy?
Mar 13Rage Faced
Mar 15Just One
Mar 20Everyday Ninja
Mar 22Draw Some-what?
Mar 27Start Spreading the News
Mar 29Catching Up
Apr 4From the Other Side
Apr 10Opening Lame
Apr 17Rip Van Writer
Apr 19Home Work
May 1Ringmaster
May 3Overclocked
May 8The Ringers
May 10Sisyphus
May 29Long Con
May 31Artists’ Allugh
Jun 5The Outside
Jun 12Pointed Question
Jun 21The Hole Point
Jul 3Blocked
Jul 10Out Of Townees
Jul 17When You Wish Upon A Lamp
Jul 20Satired
Aug 1She Loves Me
Aug 3Questions
Aug 7Dinner Deliberations
Aug 16Are You Ready For Some Footbugh?
Aug 21Know Your Audience
Sep 11Catch All
Sep 13Polyglob
Sep 20Pool Guy
Sep 25Movie Crowd
Oct 2Computer Crash
Oct 4Fantasy Pickup
Oct 9Name Game
Oct 12Being Prepared
Oct 16Ro Sham Boom
Oct 25Con Men
Oct 30World Chump
Nov 2Very Superstitious
Nov 13Yum Choke
Nov 15Poker Faced
Nov 20Hitch Switch
Nov 27Politickin
Dec 4My 心 Will Go On