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Jan 3The Glow
Jan 5Sweet Rain
Jan 11Meltaway
Jan 12Thinking Of You
Jan 17Impending Doom
Jan 18Procrastination
Jan 20Man Of Legend
Jan 26Watch Your Mouth
Jan 31To The Moon
Feb 7What A Beach
Feb 14Break Heart
Feb 16Serenope
Feb 22Punched Out
Feb 24Noise Complaint
Mar 1Snow Bummy
Mar 3Just Chilling
Mar 7Bus Confessions
Mar 15Perspective
Mar 22Study Time
Mar 24But Is It Art?
Mar 29Loveline
Mar 31Cough Up
Apr 14Homework Ninja
Apr 19Behind Closed Doors
Apr 21Great Scott
Apr 25Man Of The Year
Apr 28The Fish
May 3Piñata Party
May 5YouTubin’
May 12Bad Bursting
May 17Urgent Matters
May 19Burger Time
May 24Big Fan
May 26At First Sight
Jun 824 Hour Comic Process
Jun 9The Little Black-Haired Girl
Jun 14Opening Date
Jun 16Work Hard, Sleep Hard
Jun 21I Don’t Know What You Did This Summer
Jun 23Pants Man
Jun 28Bicycle Ride
Jun 30Super Cow
Jul 5Really Cool Guy
Jul 12Fireworks
Jul 14New Guy
Aug 2Church Of Mac
Aug 4Drinky Drinky
Aug 9The Y-Men
Aug 11Over The Shoulder
Aug 23Start Spreading The News
Sep 1Subwait
Sep 8Pizza Power
Sep 29Home Again
Oct 4Dream Girl
Oct 6Internal Inspiration
Oct 13Hooked
Oct 18Ghost Ride
Oct 20The Intervention
Oct 25Piggybacked
Nov 1Halloweenie
Nov 3Rituals
Nov 8Way Of The Sword
Nov 10Strange Sights
Nov 15Tall Tale
Nov 22Time Management
Nov 29Progression
Dec 1Changing Times
Dec 27How Do I Even
Dec 29Graphic Designer