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Jan 4Big Johnny
Jan 11Bass Bumping
Jan 13Water Water Everywhere
Jan 18Danceman
Jan 25Last Word
Jan 27In The End
Feb 1Here’s To The Night
Feb 3Delicious Dates
Feb 8Homeboy
Feb 10Lucky Cut
Feb 15Unhappy Valentine’s Day
Feb 17New Semester
Feb 24Higher Education
Mar 1Riddle Me This
Mar 3Target Demographics
Mar 29Prom Plans
Apr 5Keep It Simple
Apr 7It Takes Two
Apr 12Surprise, Surprise
Apr 14Here Is The News
Apr 19Storms Brewing
Apr 20Strange Science
May 5Friend Zone
May 6Catatonic
May 10Awkward Asking
May 12Almost TMI
May 14A Good Man
May 24Not So Humble Brag
May 26Missed Connection
Jun 2Switcharoo
Jun 7Stipulations
Jun 28New Territory
Jun 30Thinking Out Loud
Jul 5The Long Journey
Jul 12Flower Overpower
Jul 14Bad Friends
Jul 20Writing Processes
Jul 25Three Guys, A Cup, And A Fast Food Place
Aug 2Good News, Bad News
Aug 4Thrifty Style
Aug 9Dressed For A Mess
Aug 11Cool Riders
Aug 16Life Of Luxury
Aug 18Easy Eating
Oct 18Sunglasses At Prom Night
Oct 19Pinhead
Oct 20Rip Nat Winkle
Oct 25Killer Tunes
Oct 26Maniac
Nov 3Throw And Go
Nov 8The Moment
Nov 10The Whiz
Nov 15Orale
Nov 17Deep Reflection
Nov 22Sniper
Nov 29Timing Is Everything
Dec 1Party hard
Dec 6Fun Times