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Jan 10Pro Con
Jan 15Dressed For A Mess
Jan 28Gotta Botch ‘Em All
Mar 29Burglar Bungling
Mar 31Wrong Customers
Apr 1War Of Words
Apr 2Kick Off
Apr 3That Girl
Apr 4Car Guyz
Apr 6The Cycle Goes On
Apr 8Dealt It
Apr 10Ticket To Slide
Apr 12Trailer Trash
Apr 14Manly Men
Apr 16Shotgun
Apr 18Back to School
Apr 20Insane in the Brain Thing
Apr 22Mo’ Figments, Mo’ Problems
Apr 24Be Prepared
Apr 28Freshmen Folly
Apr 29Truth Bomb
Apr 30Your Face
May 1Hugsalot
May 4Getting Schooled
May 10L-Piece
May 13Webcomicing
May 132004-05-13
May 20Scroll Barred
May 23Weirdos
May 25Loophole
May 27It Figures
Jun 3Endgame
Jun 22Bighead
Jun 29Stereotypers
Jul 21That’s What Friends Are For
Jul 27Just Checking
Aug 5Burgertime
Aug 12So Witty
Aug 25Trouble Brewing
Aug 31Dilemma
Sep 2Wordsmiths
Sep 7Radioheads
Sep 9Quick Thinker
Sep 14Self-deprecation
Sep 18Physiolopee
Sep 21Swim Teen
Sep 23Es Tut Mir Gut
Oct 7Birds Suddenly Appear
Oct 21Dreamgirls
Oct 28Return of the Dork Guy
Nov 4Splenderiffic
Nov 16Apathetic Way to Be
Nov 18Yellow Fever
Nov 30Let It Snow
Dec 2Testy Behavior
Dec 16Shall We Dance?
Dec 21Ladies Men
Dec 22In The Corner
Dec 23Geeks and Freaks
Dec 28Dress Up
Dec 30Less Than Artful Dodger